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NDEB Equivalency Exam 2016 – 2017 for Unaccredited Dentists

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Understanding Orthodontics • Diagnosis of the case • Enumeration of the problem list • Planning treatment • Hit the problem list in priority sequence
Understanding the number game • Diagnostic Aids - Lateral cephalogram - Orthopantomogram - Diagnostic casts • Cephalometric tracing • Identification of landmarks • Drawing the planes and angles • Cephalogram • Space analysis
Understanding the appliance/ Bracket • Features of the bracket system • Tip control • Rotational control • Torque control
Understanding biomechanics • Tooth preparation • Accurate Bracket positioning • Anchorage preparation • Securing wires onto the bracket - Use of NiTi (nickel titanium) wires - Use of SS (stainless steel) wire - Use of TMA/ beta titanium wires • Analysis of tooth movement (at each patients visit)
Understanding the end result • Finishing and detailing of the case • Evaluating soft tissue esthetics • Evaluating molar, canine and incisor relationships • Settling the occlusion • Debonding of the case
Understanding importance of retention • Removable and fixed retainers • Lingual bonded retainers • Minimizing relapse • Patient instructions




The Written Examination consists of two books, each with 150 multiple choice type questions. Each book is given in a 150 minute examination session. The sessions are held in the morning and afternoon of the same day.


NDEB Equivelancy Exam : 2016

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)

Exam Date : August 13, 2016

Last Date : May 25, 2016

Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ)


Exam Date : December 2, 2016

Last Date : October 5, 2016

Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS)


Exam Date : December 3-4, 2016

Last Date : October 5, 2016

The Examination Blueprint outlined below gives the content areas and approximate number of questions in each area.

1 Types of Crown preparation with different Finish Lines Demonstration & hands-on of single unit crown preparation Patient work along with case discussion Discussion on case management
2 Crown & Bridge Procedure & Types of Bridges Demonstration & hands-on of multiple unit crown preparation Patient work along with case discussion Discussion on case management
3 Occlusion Rehabilitation Demonstration and hands-on of multiple pontic designs & occlusal consideration Pontic designs Patient work along with case discussion Discussion on case management
4 Soft tissue management & Impression making Methods of Gingival Retraction & soft tissue management Impression materials & Technique in Fixed Prostho Patient work along with case discussion
5 Post & core (Prefabricated custom made) Demonstration of different post systems Hands-on of Post & core Patient work along with case discussion Core build up materials & techniques
6 Putty index & Temporisation Patient work along with case discussion Temporary Crowns & techniques & materials used Discussion on case management
7 PFM & All Ceramic Crowns Patient work along with case discussion Discussion on case management
8 Metal Try-in for Porcelain Crowns & Bridges Metal trial : Checking of finish line margins and fit of metal coping Use of metal guage for measuring thickness Inter occlusal clearance
9 Management of tilted & rotated abutment teeth Multiple Abutment Cases : Ante's Law Case Discussion on different abutment cases Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients
10 Management of cantilever situation Pricision attachment Patient work along with case discussion Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients
11 Bite Registration in FPD Materials used for bite registration & techniques in FPD Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients
12 Ceramic & Composite Veneers Tooth Preparation for Veneers Etching & use of Silane coupling Agents Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients
13 Full mouth rehabilitation Patient work along with case discussion Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients
14 Full Veneer & Partial Veneer Crown Tooth Preparation for PVC Placing Retentive Grooves Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients
15 Resin Bonded Bridges & Fiber reinforced composite Maryland & Rochette Design Use of Resin Luting Cements Completion of Pending Clinical work of Patients

The list of competencies from which examination items are developed is available on the NDEB web site at Competencies

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge : Exam Format

1 Introduction Anatomy & Physiology of Jaws Introduction to Implant Dentistry Material science of Dental Implants & its components Various designs of Dental Implants Basic anatomy and bone physiology (Maxilla and Mandible)
2 Diagnosis & Treatment Planning Case Selection Concepts of Integration (osscointegration) Investigation to evaluate a implant case diagnosis & treatment planning Surgical principles for implant Dentistry
3 Patient allotment Surgical Phase Display & use of Armamentarium for implant dentistry
4 Implant Selection & Placement by candidates Case Selection, preparation of a case for implant surgery Selection of proper Diameter and length of the implant for selected case Surgical placement of implant live (step by step demonstration) Hands on surgical placement by the participant Post operative care of implant case
5 Diagnostic Aids & Radiography Cover screw, healing abutment, implant abutment placement Impression analog, implant analog, various impression procedures Complete laboratory steps demonstration
6 Case discussion on implant procedures Evaluation of other patients for implant placement by the participant
7 Impression procedures Second stage surgery Healing abutment placement Implant impression procedure step by step demonstration Evaluation of impression and casts
8 Case discussion on different techniques Implant Occlusion Cementation procedures & its importance Implant placement Impression making & Prosthesis delivery by the participant Implant Aesthetics


The board will treat you as a graduate from a credited-dental school. So you will only have to do the written exam and the OSCE and you will get YOUR LICENCE!

Option 1 : Online Test Series for NDEB Canada Exam

NDEB Equivalency Exam (Canada)

Online Test Series Schedule, 2016

• Objectives of dental implants therapy • Risk analysis (patient, operators, materials, laboratory support and rooms) • Absolute and relative contraindication to dental implants treatment • Cost and marketing of dental implants • Essential steps for treatment planning • Records (study casts, radiographs, photographs) • Cone Beam CT scan • Software for 3D analysis • Informed consent • Occlusion, Impression techniques, communication with the laboratory • Preparation of patient, rooms and operators Essentials of surgical anatomy, flap designs, suture techniques Management of soft tissues and bone grafting options Equipment (surgical micromotor, piezosurgery)

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