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NDEB Equivalency Exam 2016 – 2017 for Unaccredited Dentists

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NDEB EXAM COACHING : Course options at AHEAD Academy

SL No.Course ModuleCourse DurationCourse ContentCharges
1Live Online Discussions of released AFK mcqs with explanations and notesOct, 2016 to Feb, 2017Live Online Classes as given in the ScheduleUS $ 900
2AFK Study materials will be sent by courierOct, 2016 to Feb, 201740 Booklets as given in the listUS $ 600
3All Subjects through Online Mock Tests & Explanatory AnswersOct, 2016 to Feb, 201748 Mock Tests as given in the ScheduleUS $ 600
4NDEB Clinical Training Course for Part – II Exam1 Month Perform Procedures on NDEB Simulated Models, Typhodonts & Patients. Exclusive viva interaction on Clinical Procedures, Differential Diagnosis of Pathologies & Treatment PlanningUS $ 2500



The Written Examination consists of two books, each with 150 multiple choice type questions. Each book is given in a 150 minute examination session. The sessions are held in the morning and afternoon of the same day.

NDEB Equivelancy Exam : 2016

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)

Exam Date : August 13, 2016

Last Date : May 25, 2016

Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ)

Exam Date : December 2, 2016

Last Date : October 5, 2016

Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS)

Exam Date : December 3-4, 2016

Last Date : October 5, 2016

The Examination Blueprint outlined below gives the content areas and approximate number of questions in each area.

Book 1Book 2
Health Promotion & Population HealthFixed Partial Denture/Removable Partial Denture
Relationship General/Oral HealthDental Emergencies
Scientific LiteratureMedical Emergencies
Records 50Ethics & Jurisprudence 50
Oral Medicine/Oral PathologyTrauma
General Biochemistry/CariologyPediatric Dentistry
Oral MicroanatomyImplants
Oral Embryology
Anxious PatientOperative Dentistry
Abuse & NeglectEndodontics
Occupational Hazards 50Orthodontics 50
PeriodonticsDental Anatomy/Occlusion
PharmacologySpecial Needs Patient
Growth & Development
RadiologyInfection Control
Informed ConsentLocal Anesthesia
Prevention 50Pharmacology & Therapeutics 50
AnatomyOral Facial Pain
Microbiology/ImmunologyOral Surgery
Pathology/MedicineGeriatric Dentistry
Total Number of Questions 150Total Number of Questions 150

The list of competencies from which examination items are developed is available on the NDEB web site at Competencies

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge : Exam Format

Booklet 1Booklet 2
Biomedical Science Knowledge as it relates to:Applied Preclinical and/or Clinical Sciences as it relates to:
 Human anatomy General medicine and general pathology
 Human physiology Oral medicine and oral pathology
 Human histology Radiology
 Human biochemistry Periodontics
 Growth and development of the craniofacial complex Preventive dentistry
 Oral physiology Operative dentistry
 Microbiology and immunology of oral diseases Endodontics
 Neurological sciences Prosthodontics
 Tooth morphology, Orthodontics
 Pain and pain management Pediatric dentistry
 Nutrition Geriatric dentistry
 Pharmacology Oral and maxillofacial surgery
 Biological effects of radiation Therapeutics
 Oral biomaterials Dental biomaterials
 Behavioral sciences
 Dental public health and epidemiology
 Ethics
 Pain and anxiety control
 Local anesthesia


The board will treat you as a graduate from a credited-dental school. So you will only have to do the written exam and the OSCE and you will get YOUR LICENCE!

Option 1 : Online Test Series for NDEB Canada Exam

NDEB Equivalency Exam (Canada)

Online Test Series Schedule, 2016

Module 11Sun, 2nd Oct, 16General Surgery
2Sun, 9th Oct, 16Anatomy
3Sun, 16th Oct, 16Dental Anatomy & Histology
4Sun, 23rd Oct, 16Physiology
5Wed, 26th Oct, 16Module Completion Test
Module 26Sun, 30th Oct, 16Biochemistry
7Wed, 2nd Nov, 16Microbiology
8Sun, 6th Nov, 16General Pathology
9Wed, 9th Nov, 16Module Completion Test
Module 310Sun, 13th Nov, 16Pharmacology
11Wed, 16th Nov, 16Preventive & Community Dentistry
12Sun, 20th Nov, 16Oral Pathology
13Wed, 23rd Nov, 16General Medicine
14Sun, 27th Nov, 16Module Completion Test
Module 415Wed, 30th Nov, 16Orthodontics
16Sun, 4th Dec, 16Conservative & Endodontics
17Wed, 7th Dec, 16Pedodontics
18Sun, 11th Dec, 16Periodontics
19Wed, 14th Dec, 16Module Completion Test
Module 520Sun, 18th Dec, 16Dental Materials
21Wed, 21st Dec, 16Oral Medicine & Radiology
22Sun, 25th Dec, 16Prosthodontics
23Wed, 28th Dec, 16Module Completion Test
Module VI 24Sun, 1st Jan, 17Oral Surgery
25Wed, 4th Jan, 17General Surgery
26Sun, 8th Jan, 17Module Completion Test
27Wed, 11th Jan, 17Dental Anatomy & Histology
28Sun, 15th Jan, 17Module Completion Test
Module VII 29Wed, 18th Jan, 17Physiology
30Sun, 22nd Jan, 17Biochemistry
31Wed, 25th Jan, 17Microbiology
32Sun, 29th Jan, 17Module Completion Test
Module VIII 33Wed, 1st Feb, 17General Pathology
34Sun, 5th Feb, 17Pharmacology
35Wed, 8th Feb, 17Preventive & Community Dentistry
36Sun, 12th Feb, 17Module Completion Test
Module IX 37Wed, 15th Feb, 17General Medicine
38Sun, 19th Feb, 17Orthodontics
39Wed, 22nd Feb, 17Conservative & Endodontics
40Sun, 26th Feb, 17Module Completion Test

Online Tests are available at

Tests & Discussions covering all subjects to prepare you for NDEB Part – I Exams alongwith study material.

All tests are with explanatory answers, references & combined Rankings

Every Sunday tests are conducted simultaneously online & at AHEAD Academic Test Centers.

Previous Tests are available for repeat attempts online 24 hours x 7 days

Study material in the form of books recommended for NDEB are sent to all enrolled candidates by courier