The Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry (A.H.E.A.D.) is a group of medical and dental professionals engaged in continuing education program and coaching for the postgraduate entrance examinations.

55000Foreign Followers
60Certified Teachers
2240Students Enrolled
215Complete Courses

“Your aspiration to join a post-graduate course in a reputed dental institute will no longer remain as a dream. We are here to transform your dream into reality. Come, join us. Lead ahead of others and achieve the goal that your heart desires.”

Atul Soin, Founder

We are the pioneers

We are the pioneers We are the people who introduced the concept of coaching for the entrance examinations of post-graduate dental courses. It’s a mission of a group of doctors to guide you to fulfill your ambitions. We want to show you the way that we have already crossed. Innovative techniques, superior teaching methods, excellent course materials, and careful evaluations have brought about excellent results year after year.

Experienced faculty

All the faculty members themselves cleared the entrance exams for post-graduate courses in various institutes. That’s why they have the capabilities to teach you better. They can guide you to the goal that they themselves have achieved.

Meet Our Team

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Join Our Team
1. Dr. Atul Soin (Ptosthodontics)

Dr. Atul Soin

2. Dr. Gayatri Soin (Endodontist)

Dr. Gayatri Soin

3. Dr. Nitin Singh (Endodontist & Esthetic Dentist)

Dr. Nitin Singh

Endodontist & Esthetic Dentist
4. Dr. Manak Gupta (Periodontist)

Dr. Manak Gupta

6. Dr. Abhishek S Roy (Orthodontics)

Dr. Abhishek S Roy

7. Dr. Pallavi Vashisht (Prosthodontist)

Dr. Pallavi Vashisht

8. Dr. Kumar Rakshak Anand (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

Dr. Kumar Rakshak Anand

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
9. Dr. Gaurav Sharma (Oral Medicine & Radiology)

Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Oral Medicine & Radiology
10 Dr. Abhishek Bansal (Prosthodontics)

Dr. Abhishek Bansal

11. Dr. Vikas Dhikav (Pharmacologist)

Dr. Vikas Dhikav