It’s been a journey of more than 20 years, when Dr. Atul Soin and his expert dental team came together to put in order what is today known as the Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry (A.H.E.A.D). Students from around the corner are given a platform and excellent theoretical and practical trainings are provided so that they can be the rulers of oral health.

AHEAD was established in 1997, with an aim to create advancement and excel in the field of dentistry and medicine.

Here, at A.H.E.A.D we have a group of medical and dental professionals engaged in continuing education program and coaching for the post graduate entrance examination.
We have experienced and determined faculty to guide all the dental graduates for MDS and other international qualifying licensing exams.

Regular online/offline classes and test series for various exams are available!

We have achieved maximum success since 1997..!

Also we deem in making our patients feel at ease during their visit at AHEAD. Dr. Atul Soin with his expert staff has put in extra efforts in doing more than just assisting the patients and achieved thousands of healthy and beautiful smiles. After patients’ steps into Ahead, they become our friend and we go an extra mile to teach them about the complete oral health and its maintenance. We have optimistic and welcoming atmosphere which is all that is needed by the students and the patients!