Our MDS online test series are designed to help students to give final touch to their preparation. AHEAD Online test series seeks to efficiently evaluate the exam partakers thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves time but also give fast results. . Exams are configured for 24/7 availability, means students can conduct exam at their own convenience.

We are available at :  www.onlineexam.aheadacademy.com

Login with your User Name and Password. Attempt the tests & get your scores with ranking instantly. Download complementary notes, study material, solved past papers & tips on how to solve MCQs.

Course Duration: Test Sessions upto Mar

Course Days: Weekends & National Holidays

Course Fees: Rs. 18000/- for one complete year

Course Content: Revision Sessions with Practice Papers, Orientation, Seminars, Study Material, Notes, Relevant Reviews & Concepts to remember

Subjects covered: All Basic & Clinical Subjects from first to final year BDS.

Study Material:

  • Dental Review Notes Vol. I to IV
  • AHEAD Question Bank Vol. I & II

Every enrolled student for AHEAD Test Series & Classes will get:

  • AHEAD Question Bank Vol. I and II consisted of MCQs in all Basic and Clinical subjects respectively
  • Explanatory answers of all tests with references.
  • All India Ranking in all tests.
  • Past papers, Self Assessment, Mock & Simulated Tests.
  • Review Notes Vol. I to IV consisting of all Basic and Clinical subjects in the form of 4 printed books.