NBDE Coaching Program

The National Board Dental Examination, commonly referred to as the NBDE, is taken by 2nd year US accredited dental schools and international accredited dentists. The NBDE Part 1 is the first hurdle in helping you to achieve US dental licensure, and for passing this is required NBDE Exam The NBDE Part 1 encompasses the first two years of didactic education in dental institution. Your NBDE scores play a significant role in your dental career. Residency programs use your NBDE score to screen and selectively compare students from different institutions who might have gone through different curricula. Therefore, a good NBDE board score can give you a big boost to your residency application.

Preparing for NBDE USA Part I

Updated NBDE Course Material for Self Study & Regular evaluation Programs for high success rate, motivation and confidence building steps. Study material and test sessions are extremely effective resources as they allow you to simulate the exam before you take the NBDE. This coaching program is a great tool to get through the NBDE coaching Part I exam.

Course material

NBDE Reading resources & Dental Reviews Vol. I, II
NBDE Relevant study guides
NBDE Past papers released in all series
Self evaluation & contact programs
Weekly Diagnostic Tests with computer analyzed feedback
Get to know your strong & weak subject areas
Tests based on actual papers of NBDE Part I
Case Studies with pictures, radiographs, and charts.

Student counseling & complete guidance for NBDE aspirants

*Eligibility criteria for the NBDE part I.
*Exam schedule and application information.
*When & where to apply for the exams.
*Details of exam regulations.
*Improve scores with sample test items.
*List of Test centers & Exam Dates. Applying for Test scores.
*Reporting the test scores to the State Boards and universities.

Great program, great support team, and definitely worth joining! It’s a great simulation of the real computer based NBDE part 1 exam. Strongly recommended for all dentists aspiring to go to the US!

NBDE – Part 1 USA

Day 1:

Web Based assessment & online registration with American Dental Association (ADA)
Obtain Dent pin registration number from ADA
Process for appearing in NBDE Part I USA has been started

Day 4:

Payment process starts:
Apply to ADA for appearing in the Exam
Registration for NBDE part 1
Courier your Eligibility Certificate to ADA for evaluation

Day 5

Apply for eligibility certificate evaluation (E.C.E.) with ADA
Send courier to ADA for ECE

Day 15:

You will get your confirmation email and application number. from ADA within few weeks

Day 45

Receive E.C.E. & GPA
Courier it to ADA
Apply for visa

Day 60

Sit for the exam in America
Administrative charges for Exam application, documents evaluation & visa processing