ADC Clinical Course Outline for 1 Month : Candidate will systematically work through the 14 Tasks listed

ModuleName of CourseExercise on Extracted TeethExercise on TyphodontsExercise on Patients
1Restorations of the Pre-prepared TeethTask 1Class ii Composite Resin2 Extracted Teeth 2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors2 Amalgam Restorations
Task 2Class iv Composite Resin2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors2 Amalgam Restorations
Task 3Class ii Amalgam2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors2 Composite Restorations
2Cavity PreparationsTask 4Class iii Composite2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors2 Composite Restorations
Task 5Class ii Amalgam/Class ii Composite Resin2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors2 Composite Restorations
3Task 6Full Gold Preparations2 Extracted Teeth3 Composite Restorations
Task 7Metal-Ceramic (Porcelain fused to metal). 2 Extracted Teeth2 RCT with Rubber Dam
4Endodontic Access Preparation on molar tooth. (Endodontic teeth available on request)Task 8Access Preparation on Molar2 Extracted Teeth2 RCT with Rubber Dam
5Provisional Crown FabricationTask 9Pre-prepared tooth for Metal-Ceramic Crown2 Extracted Teeth4 Anteriors2 PFM Crowns
6Clinical CommunicationTask 10Two brief one to one session to enhance communication skills in clinic. Body language, work speed, pronunciation feedbackEvaluation of Radiographs Diagnostic AidsHistory Taking & Differential Diagnosis
7Applying Rubber DamTask 11Rubber Dam Application
8RadiographsTask 12Bitewing and PeriapicalProjections & Views Bitewings, IOPA & Occlusal RadiographsSLOB Rule Paralleling Technique
9Dental Record KeepingTask 13Charting the results of assessments, treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes and other patient-related data.
10Infection Control and Material Hygiene Task 14Infection Control procedure
11Periodontics (Optional)Perio Charts Suturing Techniques 2 Oral Prophylaxis 1 Flap Surgery
12Oral Surgery (Optional)Instrument Identification Principles of ElevatorsSuturing Techniques3 Extractions

Mock Test simulating ADC final Exam will be conducted. Intensive practice up to 10 hours a day.

A detailed curriculum of each day and week will be provided on the orientation day. Course Material and notes will be provided.

Weekly Tests Every Saturday : Self Assessment Tests on Typhodonts to evaluate clinical work

Mock Viva Exams : Oral exam for Individual candidate & group discussions on diagnosis & treatment planning of patients including radiograph identification.

Course Timings : 9:30 am to 7:30 pm daily including Sundays

All materials & equipment provided by institute including :

Typhodonts, Crown prep burs, composite resins, Endo access burs, polishing & finishing kit, etchant, bonding agent, rubber dam, irrigating solutions, Pro Tapers, Rotary hand-piece & Files, Post & core, RVG, Apex locator, Rubber base impression materials, retraction cord & other related items.

All candidates must wear a white apron daily & are required to get their own Airotor Hand-Piece