Module 1
  • Effective treatment planning, various diagnostic aids and proper decision making on edentulous and partially dentulous patients.
  • Offering Ceramic veneers as treatment modality.
  • All ceramic versus Metal ceramic crowns.
  • Sequencing and treatment planning.
  • Contemporary materials used in extra coronal restorations.
  • Choice of fixed or removable prosthesis considering implant and over dentures as options.
Module 2
  • Principles of tooth preparation
  • Biological, Mechanical and Esthetic considerations of tooth preparation.
  • Endodontics evaluation; vital and non-vital teeth Shade determination
  • Neccessity of provisionalisation and different techniques
  • Different techniques of gingival retraction
  • Presurgical corrective procedures
  • Crown lengthening techniques
  • Soft tissue managements of various stages
  • Easu and correct impression procedures
Module 3
  • Laboratory communication
  • Importance of try-in procedures
  • Cementation of fixed prosthesis
Choice of Courses :-
  • Weekend clinical expertise courses in all specialities
  • Four month clinical practice course in multiple specialities
  • One year clinical proficiency course in general dentistry


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