Endodontics Course

Faculty & Mentor :

Dr. Nitin Singh, BDS, MDS (Endodontist & Esthetic Dentist)

Dr. Nitin Singh teaches Esthetic Dentistry, Non Surgical Endodontics & Surgical Endodontics at AHEAD Dental Academy. He has done his Post Graduation from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi. He has won many Prizes at National & International level.

Dr. Nitin Singh trains National & International Students for various foreign licensing exams including NBDE, NDEB, ADC, DHA & has a big fan following at International Dental Arena.

Clinical Course in Endodontics Covers :

Current concepts in Root Canal Treatment with special focus on Rubber Dam application, Protapers, Rotary Endodontics, R.V.G., Apex Locator, Surgical Loupes. Clinical tips on canal irrigation, “Shape to Clean” concept & 3D obturation.

Course Features

Perform the root canal treatment independently on patient

Practical aspects of the case are discussed at the time of treatment planning

Concepts of access opening, cleaning and shaping and obturation of root canals by using latest equipments such as RVG, Rotary Endodontic instruments, Apex locators and protaper systems.

Ample number of patients for all participants

All restorative materials, endodontic instruments, post & core & other armamentarium provided by the institute.

Course Duration : Customized Courses as per requirement of the candidates ranging from few weeks to few months

Endodontics : Schedule of Clinical Procedures

[ultimatetables 36 /]

Seminars and hands on training is provided in Single Sitting RCT, Surgical & non-surgical treatment for periapical pathologies. Root restorations & all cases are treated by the candidates under expert guidance. All latest equipments such as Apex locator, RVG, Surgical loupes, Ultrasonic & 3D obturations are performed. New canal irrigation methods to treat difficult cases are also practiced by the candidates.

Rotary RCT : Dental market is flodded with 100’s of Rotary systems (Protaper, Heroshaper, Hyflex, Wave one )makes the operator confuse and he is not able to decide which system to use. An Endodontist can help you learn how to use rotary files and to decide which system to use in straight, curved and severly curved canals.

Apexification : With the use of MTA and Biodentin in cases of blunder buss canals, apexification can now be achieved in single sitting only.

Rubber Dam: With the increasing incidence of file engulfment accident, use of rubber dam is now becoming mandatory during Root Canal Treatment.

With the use of this device properties of dental material is also improved.

Post and Core OR Dowel and Core: Badly broken down, grossly destructed and fractured teeth require post for the retention of coronal restoration.

Custom Cast Post, Prefabricated Passive metal post, fiber post (glass fiber, quartz fiber) and threaded post are used depending upon the amount of tooth destruction and retention required.