Faculty & Mentor :

Dr. Nitin Singh, BDS, MDS (Endodontist & Esthetic Dentist)

Dr. Nitin Singh teaches Esthetic Dentistry, Non Surgical Endodontics & Surgical Endodontics at AHEAD Dental Academy. He has done his Post Graduation from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi. He has won many Prizes at National & International level.

Dr. Nitin Singh trains National & International Students for various foreign licensing exams including NBDE, NDEB, ADC, DHA & has a big fan following at International Dental Arena.

Clinical Course in Endodontics Covers :

Smile Designing using composites, Diastema Closure, Veneers, Tooth whitening including instant Orthodontics

1.Fabrication of Bleaching Trays


•Office Bleach

•Home Bleach

3.Post and Core

4.Laminates – Composite / Ceramic

5.Light Cure Composite

6.Esthetic Splinting

7.Midline Diestema Closure

8.Smile Enhancement

Course Duration : Customized Courses as per requirement of the candidates ranging from few weeks to few months

1Composite Veneers & Ceramic Veneers Preparation • Presentation on 'basics of composite restorations: materials and techniques • Smile Design: how to create a 'pleasant smile' • Presentation on ' Anterior composite laminates' • Demonstration of composite veneer preparation on typhodonts • Hands on practice of composite veneer preparation on typhodonts & on allotted patients
2Diastema Closure• Presentation on "Diastema closure" • Demonstration of Diastema closure on Typhodonts • Clinical work on allotted patients
3Posterior Composites Class I & II• Presentation on 'Posterior composite restorations: what to do and what not to do' • Demonstration of posterior composite restoration placement • Hands on practice of posterior composite restoration placement
4Cervical Restorations• Hands on Composite restorations on patients • Materials available for cervical restorations • Problem solving for composite restorations • Discussion on case management
5Cosmetic Splinting• Methods of Splinting mobile teeth • Patient work along with case discussion • Discussion on case management
6Bleaching of Vital & Non-vital teeth• Different chemicals used for bleaching • Patient work along with case discussion • Discussion on case management • Walking Bleach
7Composite Inlay & Onlay• Patient work along with case discussion • Discussion on case management • Ceramic Inlay & Onlay
8Restorations• Rubber dam placement (10 minutes), Class II amalgam in : 34, 35, 36 • Complex amalgam filling : (1) 46, 27, 36 (MODL) (2) 16 cusp build up Application of matrix bands, wedges & Class IV prep in 11 & 21

The Advanced Esthetic & Restorative Dentistry Clinical Course is designed to offer comprehensive training in all aspects of esthetic and contemporary restorative dentistry. Experience given in the program includes review of esthetic and related literature, didactic presentations, and laboratory and extensive clinical observation. This includes esthetic dental techniques, use of articulators, and training in other instrumentation, as well as the dental materials used in all aspects of esthetics and contemporary restorative dentistry.

The didactic format will include lecture, laboratory time, literature review, and video review. The curriculum includes topics such as treatment planning and smile design (including occlusion), ceramic veneers, ceramic posterior restorations, esthetic metal ceramics, all-ceramic systems, computer-generated ceramic restorations, composites (direct and indirect restorations), contemporary esthetic materials, periodontal esthetics, and esthetic considerations in implants.

Bleaching : Wonderful treatment makes the tooth white with a non invasive approach.

Use of gingival barrier, bleaching light makes the treatment more comfortable to the patients.