NBDE Coaching Program

The National Board Dental Examination, commonly referred to as the NBDE, is taken by 2nd year US accredited dental schools and international accredited dentists. The NBDE Part 1 is the first hurdle in helping you to achieve US dental licensure, and for passing this is required NBDE Exam The NBDE Part 1 encompasses the first two years of didactic education in dental institution. Your NBDE scores play a significant role in your dental career. Residency programs use your NBDE score to screen and selectively compare students from different institutions who might have gone through different curricula. Therefore, a good NBDE board score can give you a big boost to your residency application.

Preparing for NBDE Part I

Updated Course Material for Self Study & Regular evaluation Programs for high success rate, motivation and confidence building steps. Study material and test sessions are extremely effective resources as they allow you to simulate the exam before you take the NBDE. This coaching program is a great tool to get through the NBDE Part I exam.

NBDE Reading resources & Dental Reviews Vol. I, II

NBDE Relevant study guides

NBDE Past papers released in all series

Self evaluation & contact programs

Weekly Diagnostic Tests with computer analyzed feedback

Get to know your strong & weak subject areas

Tests based on actual papers of NBDE Part I

Case Studies with pictures, radiographs, and charts.

*Eligibility criteria for the NBDE part I.

*Exam schedule and application information.

*When & where to apply for the exams.

*Details of exam regulations.

*Improve scores with sample test items.

*List of Test centers & Exam Dates. Applying for Test scores.

*Reporting the test scores to the State Boards and universities.

Great program, great support team, and definitely worth joining! It’s a great simulation of the real computer based NBDE part 1 exam. Strongly recommended for all dentists aspiring to go to the US!

Day 1:

Web Based assessment & online registration with American Dental Association (ADA)

Obtain Dent pin registration number from ADA

Process for appearing in NBDE Part I USA has been started

Day 4:

Payment process starts:

Apply to ADA for appearing in the Exam

Registration for NBDE part 1

Courier your Eligibility Certificate to ADA for evaluation

Day 5

Apply for eligibility certificate evaluation (E.C.E.) with ADA

Send courier to ADA for ECE

Day 15:

You will get your confirmation email and application number. from ADA within few weeks

Day 45

Receive E.C.E. & GPA

Courier it to ADA

Apply for visa

Day 60

Sit for the exam in America

Administrative charges for Exam application, documents evaluation & visa processing

Exam Fees275
Visa Fees130
Courier Charges240
Processing Charges275

Course options at AHEAD Academy

S.No.Course ModuleCourse DurationCourse ContentCharges
1Live Online Discussions of released NBDE mcqs with explanations and notesJul, 2016 to Oct, 2016Live Online Classes as given in the ScheduleUS $ 700
2NBDE Part – I Study materials will be sent by courierJul, 2016 to Oct, 201612 Booklets as given in the listUS $ 300
3All Subjects through Online Mock Tests & Explanatory AnswersJul, 2016 to Oct, 201630 Mock Tests as given in the ScheduleUS $ 400
4NBDE (USA) BENCH TEST TRAINING COURSEPerform Procedures on Typhodonts & Extracted TeethUS $ 1100
Perform Procedures on NBDE (USA) Simulated Models,2 WeeksAmalgam
Columbia & Kilgore Typhodonts & Patients. Exclusive viva interaction on Clinical Procedures, Differential Diagnosis of Pathologies & Treatment PlanningClass II amalgam preparation.
Class II amalgam restoration on a prepared tooth
Access preparation on molar teeth
PFM Crowns
Metal-ceramic crown preparation
Metal Crowns
Full metal crown preparation
1Sun, 2nd Oct, 16Anatomy – I
2Wed, 5th Oct, 16Anatomy – II
3Sun, 9th Oct, 16Anatomy – III
4Wed, 12th Oct, 16Anatomy – IV
5Sun, 16th Oct, 16Pathology – I
6Wed, 19th Oct, 16Pathology – II
7Sun, 23rd Oct, 16Pathology – III
8Wed, 26th Oct, 16Pathology – IV
9Sun, 30th Oct, 16Module Completion Test
10Wed, 2nd Nov, 16Microbiology – I
11Sun, 6th Nov, 16Microbiology – II
12Wed, 9th Nov, 16Microbiology – III
13Sun, 13th Nov, 16Microbiology – IV
14Wed, 16th Nov, 16Biochemistry – I
15Sun, 20th Nov, 16Biochemistry – II
16Wed, 23rd Nov, 16Biochemistry – III
17Sun, 27th Nov, 16Biochemistry – IV
18Wed, 30th Nov, 16Module Completion Test
19Sun, 4th Dec, 16Dental Anatomy & Histology – I
20Wed, 7th Dec, 16Dental Anatomy & Histology – II
21Sun, 11th Dec, 16Dental Anatomy & Histology – III
22Wed, 14th Dec, 16Dental Anatomy & Histology – IV
23Sun, 18th Dec, 16Physiology – I
24Wed, 21st Dec, 16Physiology – II
25Sun, 25th Dec, 16Physiology – III
26Wed, 28th Dec, 16Physiology – IV
27Sun, 1st Jan, 17Module Completion Test
28Wed, 4th Jan, 17NBDE Simulated Test – I
29Sun, 8th Jan, 17NBDE Simulated Test – II
30Wed, 11th Jan, 17NBDE Simulated Test – III

Tests & Discussions covering all subjects to prepare you for NBDE (USA) Part – I Exams alongwith study material.

All tests are with explanatory answers, references & combined Rankings

Every Sunday tests are conducted simultaneously online & at AHEAD Academic Test Centers.

Previous Tests are available for repeat attempts online 24 hours x 7 days.

Study material in the form of books recommended for NBDE are sent to all enrolled candidates by courier.

Course ModuleCourse DurationCourse ContentCharges
All Subjects through Online Mock Tests & Explanatory AnswersOct, 2016 to Jan, 201748 Mock Tests as given in the ScheduleUS $ 600

NBDE Online Live Classes Schedule Oct, 2016

Mon, 3 Oct, 20169:30 am to 12:30 pmMicroGram-positive & negative Bacilli
Tue, 4 Oct, 20169:30 am to 12:30 pmAnatomyOrbit And It's Contents
Wed, 5 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmDADHTMJ, Attachment Apparatus, Oral Mucosa
Fri, 7 Oct, 20169:30 am to 12:30 pmMicroGram-negative Bacilli & Cocco-bacilli
Mon, 10 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmAnatomyEmbryology & Tongue
Tue, 11 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmDADHTooth Anatomy, Permanent Vs Deciduous Teeth
Thu, 13 Oct, 20169:30 am to 12:30 pmPhysiologyEndocrine System
Mon, 17 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmAnatomyBrain & Spinal Cord, Osteology
Tue, 18 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pm DADHEnamel & Dentine
Thu, 20 Oct, 20169:30 am to 12:30 pmPhysiologyRespiratory System
Mon, 24 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmAnatomyMuscles of Head N Neck
Tue, 25 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmDADHPulp & Cementum
Thu, 27 Oct, 20169:30 am to 12:30 pmPhysiologyExcretory System
Mon, 31 Oct, 20164:30 pm to 7:30 pmAnatomyVascular Supply of Head & Neck

Classes are conducted by experienced faculty in all specialties on every Sat & Sun as per the predecided Schedule. Summarized Class notes are distributed.

Mock NBDE Exams are conducted followed by discussions with experts & explanatory answers are distributed after the tests.

Single-best answer MCQs as per the NBDE Exam Pattern.

Doubt Solving sessions are also conducted with the teachers in all subjects.

Weekly assignments are given to all students in order to prepare for the next forthcoming subject wise test.

Course ModuleCourse DurationCourse ContentCharges
Live Online Discussions of released AFK mcqs with explanations and notesJul, 2016 to Nov, 2016Live Online Classes as given in the ScheduleUS $ 900

Bench Test Perform Procedures on Typhodonts & Extracted Teeth

ModuleName of CourseExercise on Extracted TeethExercise on Typhodonts
1Restorative - Amalgam2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors with Rubber Dam
Dentistry - Class II amalgam preparation.
Class II amalgam restoration on a prepared tooth
Composites4 Anteriors with Rubber Dam
Class III composite resin preparation2 Extracted Teeth
Direct Class II composite resin restoration4 Posteriors with Rubber Dam
Direct Class IV composite resin restoration
2Endodontics -Step Back Preparation2 Extracted Teeth
Access preparation on molar teeth - Crown Down Technique2 Extracted Teeth
3Fixed Prosthodontic - PFM Crowns2 Extracted Teeth4 Anteriors with Rubber Dam
Metal-ceramic crown preparation2 Extracted Teeth4 Posteriors with Rubber Dam
Metal Crowns
Full metal crown preparation

Bench Test (NBDE USA) Preparartion Course by AHEAD Academy

Perform Procedures on Typhodonts & Extracted Teeth

Restorative Dentistry : Amalgam & Composites Cavity Preparation using Rubber Dam

Endodontics : Access preparation on molar teeth

Step Back Preparation

Crown Down Technique

Fixed Prosthodontics :

PFM Crowns

Metal Crowns

Self Assessment Tests on Typhodonts to evaluate clinical work

Mock Viva Exams : Oral exam for Individual candidate & group discussions on diagnosis & treatment planning of patients including radiograph identification.All materials & equipment provided by institute

Course ModuleCourse DurationCourse ContentCharges
NDEB Clinical Training Course for Part – II Exam1 MonthPerform Procedures on NDEB Simulated Models, Typhodonts & Patients. Exclusive viva interaction on Clinical Procedures, Differential Diagnosis of Pathologies & Treatment PlanningUS $ 2500

An article published by student is always welcome by most American Universities for good impression.

Bench Test Clinical procedures training for candidates as per new pattern

We, at AHEAD Academy are committed for your success at NBDE. After passing Part 1 & 2 Exams, we can help you to get selected at the university of your choice by enhancing your resume through :

Article publication in International Dental Journals

Seminar Presentations at International Dental Universities

Case Presentations by the candidate

Observership at Dental Clinics in USA

Bench Test Clinical procedures preparation