The National Board Dental Examination, commonly referred to as the NBDE is taken by Internationally Accredited Dentists.

Come one, Come all! Avail all the opportunities at AHEAD and clear the exam with flying colours.


NBDE Part-1 (USA)


The National Board Dental Examination, commonly referred to as the NBDE, is taken by 2nd year US accredited dental schools and international accredited dentists. The NBDE Part 1 is the first hurdle that you have to come across to achieve US dental licensure. The first two years of NBDE Part 1 consists of edifying education in dental institutions. Your NBDE scores play a significant role in your dental career. Residency programs use your NBDE score to compare and screen the students from different institutions. Hence, a good NBDE board score can give a boost to your residency application.

Preparing for NBDE Part I

AHEAD will help you with updated course material for self study, regular evaluation programs as study material and test sessions are extremely effective resources as they allow you to simulate the exam before you take NBDE. This coaching program is a great tool to get through the NBDE Part-I exam.


NBDE Part – II (USA)

Now after NBDE Part-I comes the second hurdle i.e. NBDE Part-II and you have to clear this exam anyhow to achieve US dental licensure.

NBDE Part-II consists of the clinical subjects of didactic education in dental institutions in USA.


Weekly Tests Every Saturday: Self Assessment Tests on Typhodonts to evaluate clinical work

Mock Viva Exams: Oral exam for Individual candidate & group discussions on diagnosis & treatment planning of patients including radiograph identification.

Course Timings: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm daily including Sundays

All the materials & equipment are provided by the institute, including: Typhodonts, Crown prep burs, composite resins, Endo access burs, polishing & finishing kit, etchant, bonding agent, rubber dam, irrigating solutions, Amalgamators, Pro Tapers, Rotary hand-piece & Files, Post & core, RVG, Apex locator, Rubber base impression materials, retraction cord & other items.

Note: All candidates must wear a white apron daily & are required to get their own Airotor Hand-Piece.