Periodontal Course

Guiding Faculty: Dr. Manak Gupta (Periodontist)

Dr. Manak Gupta teaches Periodontics, dental implants, lasers and reconstructive surgery at AHEAD Dental Academy. He did his Masters from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi.

He continues to contribute MCQs and explanatory answers for various books on international dental examinations published by AHEAD Dental Academy.

The Periodontics course includes:

  • Depigmentation
  • Crown lengthening

All materials, instruments, equipment & patients are provided by the institute.

Bone Gauge, Bone Harvester, Osteotomes, Ridge Spreading Chisels, Periotome, Periosteols, Bone Grafting Instruments, Tissue Punches, Bone Carrier, Rounger, Surgical Curette, Hemostat & other related items are the responsibility of the institute.

Beside this we will help you with:

  • Assistance in Job Placements & timely promotions
  • Individual attention to each candidate for effective learning
  • Hostel facility available separately for boys & girls

Course Duration: Periodontal Course duration is customized as per requirement of the candidates ranging from few weeks to few months

1 Periodontics : Basics •Gingiva, Cementum, Dentin, PDL
2 Patient assessment •Diagnosis & Treatment planning
3 Periodontal Chartings •Furcation, Probing Depth, Mobility
4 Instruments identification •Scalars & curettes
5 Use of Scalars & Curettes •Instruments for Maxillary & Mandibular arches
6 Diagnosis in Periodontics •Radiographs in Periodontics
7 Prophylaxis Phase •Plaque control methods
8 Preventive Periodontics •Pit & Fissure sealants
9 Surgical Phase •Flap Surgery & Bone Grafting
10 Suturing Techniques •Suture Materials
11 Guided Tissue Regeneration •GTR Materials & Methods