AHEAD Academy, 100% flexible Live Online Classes Create an Engaging Learning Environment of Peer Interaction or Accountability with Students from around the World. Our live online classes Similar to normal classroom coaching, Two-way interaction between teacher and student are regularly scheduled, taught by expert instructors, is hands-on, and is delivered at your place in your comfort space.

Online Live Classes Features:

  • Real-time instruction
  • Innovation virtual classroom features including virtual whiteboard technology, chat, and more
  • Hands-on projects to reinforce the lessons
  • Engagement with course instructor and peers
  • our online classes combines live virtual instructors, student collaboration, books, labs, videos and the latest learning technology.

Online Test Series Available for:  

  • MDS (NEET)
  • NBDE (USA)
  • ADC (Australia)
  • MFDS & ORE (UK)
  • MOH, DHA & HAAD (Dubai & UAE)

With our online class model, you can take classes at home, or from a hotel, actually, from any place on the go. You only need access to Wi-Fi or internet connection to have your live class.