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login with user name & password. Attempt tests & get your scores with ranking instantly. Download complementary notes, study material, solved past papers & tips on solving mcqs.

Course Duration : Test Sessions upto Jan, 2019

Course Days : Weekends & National Holidays

Course Fees : Rs. 18000/- for complete year

Course Content : Revision Sessions with Practice Papers, Orientation, Seminars, Study Material, Notes, Relevant Reviews & Concepts to remember

Tests cum discussions in basic & clinical subjects including mock tests, simulated tests & subject-wise tests with All India Rankings.

Subjects covered : All Basic & Clinical Subjects from first to final year BDS.

Study Material: All students enrolling for AHEAD Test Series will get:

Dental Review Notes Vol. I to IV

AHEAD Question Bank Vol. I & II

Every Student enrolling for AHEAD Test Series & Classes will get:

Total number of tests as per the Test Schedule: upto Jan, 2019

AHEAD Question Bank Vol. I consisting of MCQs in all Basic Subjects.

AHEAD Question Bank Vol. II consisting of MCQs in all Clinical Subjects.

Explanatory answers of all tests with references.

All India Ranking in all tests.

Past papers, Self Assessment, Mock & Simulated Tests.

Review Notes Vol. I to IV consisting of all Basic and Clinical subjects in the form of 4 printed books.

Course Fees: Rs. 18000/-


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