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NBDE Course (USA) : Part – I

USA Part-I (USA) US $
Exam Fees 275
Visa Fees 130
Evaluation 140
Courier Charges 240
Processing Charges 275
Total $1,060

•Total 11 Subjects through classes, tests & discussions completed in 30 tests
•Online tests on the pattern of NBDE
•Tests are available 24 hours X 7 days for practice
•Combined rankings & Explanatory Answers can be downloaded after every test
•Classes & Test Discussions are conducted at AHEAD ACADEMY, Delhi
•Library & Hostel Facilities available at AHEAD ACADEMY, Delhi
•Clinical Hands – on training courses also conducted at AHEAD ACADEMY, Delhi

The National Board Dental Examination, commonly referred to as the NBDE (Part – I & II) is taken by international accredited dentists.

NBDE Part – II (USA)

This exam is the second hurdle after NBDE Part – I in helping you to achieve US dental licensure

The NBDE coaching Part II encompasses the clinical subjects of didactic education in dental institutions in USA

S.No. Course Module Course Duration Course Content Charges
1 Live Online Discussions of released NBDE mcqs with explanations and notes Nov, 2018 to Feb, 2019 Live Online Classes as given in the Schedule US $ 700
2 NBDE Part – I Study materials will be sent by courier 12 Booklets as given in the list US $ 300
3 All Subjects through Online Mock Tests & Explanatory Answers Nov, 2018 to Feb, 2019 30 Mock Tests as given in the Schedule US $ 400
4 NBDE (USA) BENCH TEST TRAINING COURSE Perform Procedures on Typhodonts & Extracted Teeth US $ 1100
5 Perform Procedures on NBDE (USA) Simulated Models, 2 Weeks Amalgam
6 Columbia & Kilgore Typhodonts & Patients. Exclusive viva interaction on Clinical Procedures, Differential Diagnosis of Pathologies & Treatment Planning Class II amalgam preparation.
7 Class II amalgam restoration on a prepared tooth
8 Endodontics
9 Access preparation on molar teeth
10 PFM Crowns
11 Metal-ceramic crown preparation
12 Metal Crowns
13 Full metal crown preparation

•NBDE Part – II : When do I appear for it?
•When should I get my transcript evaluated from ECE?
•Evaluation is done after BDS and/or MDS?
•Making/Editing of Resume/CV; Statement of Purpose.
•Getting most effective Reference Letters
•Paper Applications to Individual Universities
•Direct reporting of NBDE Part – II & TOEFL scores and GPA
•Supporting Documents needed along with applications
•Personal Interview Preparation
•Clinical Exam Preparation
•Loan Applications Processing
•Student Visa

1. I have completed my BDS but not internship… Am I eligible for NBDE exams ?

Ans : No, one must complete the entire BDS course along with compulsory rotatory Internship to be eligible for DDS .

2. 1 have just finished my 2nd year BDS? Can I get admission in to DDS?

Ans : Please note for admission in to DDS one needs to complete the BDS degree . But any one who has completed 2nd year of BDS is eligible for Part I exam of NBDE in USA. But official admission can take place only after-completing the BDS degree.

3. What is NBDE part II ?

Ans : This exam is conducted by American Dental Association (ADA). NBDE part II exam is conducted through out the year in approx 300 centres in USA / CANADA. This exam is fully computerized with 400 MCQs with no negative marking.

4. I gave one attempt in 2011…. If I pass will I have a second attempt in 2012?

Ans : No , Once you pass Part II , there is no scope for reattempting the exam . For admission one preferably needs more than 87 percentile score. The more the score the better it is.

5. Pass fail system in 2010 or 2012?

Ans: Pass /fail system is from January 2012 but no reattempt clause is valid from Jan 2010.

6. What is GPA?

Ans : GPA is Grand Percentile Aggregate. It is evaluated by ECE which gives educational equivalence for each educational credential.

7. How important is GPA ?

Ans: Higher the score, better chances of success. But it plays a significant role if your NBDE scores are less. You can always cover with your low GPA by getting a good percentile in NBDE Part 1 and a good score in TOEFL.

8. How much GPA is considered good?

Ans: Anything above 3 Is good. For students with GPA below 2, will need to get good marks in NBDE Part -II and TOEFL.

9. How to apply for DDS after BDS ?


The DENTPIN (Dental Personal Identification Number) : is a unique personal identifier for applicants & students


10. What all I have to study to prepare for NBDE part II ?

Ans: You are supposed to study and prepare for your clinical subjects.

11. How to prepare for NBDE part II? Which books are recommended? Where can I get study material for NBDE part II preparation?

Ans: AHEAD Review notes in Endodontics, Conservative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Oral Diagnosis, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Dental Public Health & Occupational Safety, Periodontics, Pharmacology, Prosthodontics & Dental Materials.

12. I scored only 80 percentile in NBDE part – II, what can I do?

Ans : With score below 85 percentile, getting an admission is very tough. But you can improve your profile by adding few observerships and perceptorship certificates and then going for NBDE part 2 and getting a good score in part 2

13. Do I need to clear both NBDE part I & II for admission into DDS?

Ans : Most universities accept only part 1 scores , but for some you need both. You can get admission with only part 1 scores but you need to clear part 2 before your DDS completion.

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