Maxillary Lateral Incisor Periapical

  • Film Selection: Size 0 or Size 1 Film.
  • Film Placement: Center the lateral incisor on the biteblock and position the film parallel to the long axis & the mesiodistal plane of the lateral incisor.
  • Tubehead Placement: Align the tube with the indicator rod and aiming ring in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Central ray directed at the center of the lateral incisor, with no overlapping of the margins of the crowns at the interproximal space on its mesial aspect.
  • Point of entry: high on the lip about 1 cm from the midline.

Maxillary Canine Periapical

  • Film Selection: Size 0 or Size 1 Film.
  • Film Placement: Film centered behind the lateral incisor and canine interproximal space well away from the palatal surface of the teeth. Orient the film packet with its anterior edge at about the middle of the lateral incisor & its long axis parallel with the long axis of canine.
  • Tubehead Placement: central ray directs the beam through the mesial contact of the canine. Do not attempt to open the distal contact.
  • Point of entry: canine eminence at about the intersection of the distal & inferior borders of the ala of the nose.



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