Complete Denture


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Two factors affect tissue tone-

Age and health of patient affects the intrinsic structures of facial tissues.

Poor tissue tone can also be the result of inadequate support by the intra-oral structures.

The arch form and the denture base contours are the keys to supply adequate support for facial tissues.

  • Vertical face length:

Length of patient’s face should be observed as it is directly related to the vertical height of the denture.

If the denture permit the jaws to close too far when the teeth are in contact, muscles of mastication & facial expression are affected &facial tissue tone is not maintained.

  • Intraoral examination
  • Colour of the mucosa:

May range from healthy pink to angry red.

Redness is indicative of inflammation,can be due to-Ill-fitting denture, Systemic disease such as diabetes,or chronic smoking, Underlying infection.

Other colour changes can be-Pigmented spots or lesions, White patches Abrasions:

  • Abrasions, cuts or other sore spots may be found in any location under the basal seats of the existing dentures or at the borders.

Can occur because of overextended or underextended borders or malocclusion.


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