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Maternally derived streptococcus mutans disease (MDSMD)

Classification of early childhood caries

Type I ECC (Mild to moderate) 

  • Carious lesions involving the molars & incisors
  • Seen in 2-to-5 year-old children


Type II ECC (Moderate to severe)

  • Labiolingual carious lesion affecting the maxillary incisors with or without molar caries, depending on age
  • Seen soon after the first tooth erupts
  • Mandibular incisors are unaffected


Type III ECC (Severe)

  • Carious lesions involve almost all the teeth, including mandibular incisors
  • Usually seen at 3-to-5 years of age
  • Cause is a combination of factors & poor oral hygiene
  • Rampant in nature & involves immune tooth surfaces



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